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What if I told you that you could feel:


…Not just for a fleeting moment, or in a daydream, but as a way of LIVING your life on a daily basis?

It may seem impossible, but I am here to tell you it is absolutely possible. I know this because it has become my own personal reality. Now, I use my experience as a way to teach women how to lose weight, stop emotional eating, gain radical body confidence and self-love, so they can feel FREE in their lives and at peace in their bodies and minds.

Dieting, starving, over-eating, over-exercising, feeling lethargic, hating your body, counting calories, picking yourself apart, dreaming of the day when you finally look perfect, overspending as a means of “retail therapy,” waking up with a food hangover, avoiding social situations because of food temptation, or because you’re feeling overweight and unattractive, and…yep, I’ve been there.

I know what it means to suffer in these situations, and I also know what it means to move through them while creating a healthy body that I love, more confidence, self-love and a peaceful relationship with food and exercise. In the past, these were transformations that I would have NEVER thought could be mine. However, with the right tools, dedication and determination, I have designed a blueprint that has guided me to value the body I am in, and to know that I can handle any uncertainty that comes my way.  Now I am here to help you do the same.

If you are ready to create radical change in your life, contact me today for a complimentary Total Body Freedom Breakthrough Session!


In this session we will dive in and identify the places and patterns where you are struggling with food and your body, and I will share with you my number one key to long-lasting body freedom. We will also look at what might be slowing you down from having exactly what you want, so you know what you will do next to move forward. This free session (regularly $60.00) is held over the phone and is 30 minutes in length.

*(For information on how I help military wives create radical change around their bodies, health, and connection to their lives, click here)*